Tikva Krindle

Tikva Krindle began her career as a registered massage therapist in Vancouver, British Columbia.  She was born and raised in Canada and only moved to California nine years ago to help care for her grandmother who was 94 years old at the time. While continuing her massage therapy career here in the Coachella Valley, it became clear it is a very different field than in Canada.  She felt the disparity between her career at home and in California was immense and that she was falling short of her potential. At this point she became involved with the Palm Springs Mounted Police and Rescue unit as a volunteer.  She had the opportunity to work alongside flight nurses and their passion spoke to her so deeply, she began to reconsider her career choice.  Therefore, she began her journey to a degree in nursing in the hopes of becoming a critical care or emergency surgery nurse.  She believes she would be able to serve the city which has welcomed her and come closer to reaching her potential in the medical field.

After completing the RN program at College of the Desert, Tikva has begun the BSN program virtually through Grand Canyon University (located in Arizona) as there are no local BSN programs offered. While Tikva was also accepted to the CSUSB BSN program, she chose not to attend because of how far away it is—the time she would have had to spend in the car driving back and forth would have ultimately put a strain on her professional and personal life. If there was a four-year university in the Coachella Valley that offered the BSN program, Tikva would have chosen this option. Tikva believes this would have been a less expensive option and she also believes she would have gotten more out of the program. Tikva is a firm advocate that the Coachella Valley needs a four-year independent university. 

Tikva still visits her now 102 year-old grandmother and is blessed with a beautiful daughter. Reaching her goals is a gift to herself and her family, as well as the community.  She feels her intentions must be followed by actions, and she intends against any odds to find the tangible within her dreams and aspirations.